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During your stay at Lake Mulehe Safari Lodge, you will engage in quite a number of activities that will make your experience complete and Unforgettable!!

Gorilla Tracking in Mgahinga

It's an understatement to describe the gorilla adventure here as a tremendous experience, it is phenomenal and intimate because the park isn't crowded with tourists. This is partly because it has only one gorilla family, Nyakagezi group(comprising of 11 members belonging to different age brackets). ....

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Golden Monkey Tracking

Hiking through the forest to meet the one of the many habituated golden monkey groups is an incredible and soulful experience.These subtle primates are worth every level of difficulty you will endure during the bushwalk. Most groups have at least 30 members. They are full of character and very curio....

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Boat Canoeing on lake Mulehe

Our lodge overlooks, a crater lake with a stunning beauty that nature has been beautifying for over 10,000 years now for you to enjoy. During this sightseeing tour, you will indulge, recharge and renew your positive energy. Best of all, you will discover the lake's full beauty and its best kept secr....

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Community & Village Walk

Cultural Walk: This will give u a chance to have a taste of the Ugandan lifestyle. You will meet with locals of many different generations and see the way of life in this developing country. The highlights of this cultural include visit to traditional healers or medicine man. A visit to homes f....

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Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi

Bwindi, a UNESCO World Heritage site with the highest number of habituated Mountain Gorilla groups in the world. Lying at an elevation of 1,160m- 2607m above sea-level. It is an awe-inspiring, misty & lush tropical rain forest. It has lots of beautiful autumn colors due to its diversity of both ....

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Batwa Tour

Prepare to spend half a day immersing in pure cultures and ancient ways of life of the Batwa, a forest tribe of pygmies. They lived in Mgahinga National Park for over three centuries, a time during which they became a part of the forest and it became a part of them. This came to an end in 1991 when ....

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Cycling Experience Tour

If you are looking for a great way to stay fit while on a gorilla tour in Uganda, this cycling tour is absolutely fulfilling. It takes place at village neighboring our lodge. There is a wide selection of routes to choose from, some befitting for leisurely rides, others offer an adventurous way for o....

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Gorilla tracking Rwanda

It is important to note that Uganda, Rwanda and the D.R. Congo share the Virunga range which is the home to the gorillas. Some of the gorilla families do cross boarders from time to time as they move in search of food. Our company conducts gorilla tracking packages in Uganda and Rwanda and occasiona....

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Mountain Climbing

The hike up Mgahinga's three mountains is awe-inspiring as you go through a successsion of contrasting vegetation that cover their slopes. From bottom to up, there is a regenerating farmland, followed by denser montane woodland, bamboo forest, Hagenia-Hypercium forest and lastly a windswept moorland....

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Nature walks

This is a unique activity in Uganda. Here you get an opportunity to experience wilderness and wildlife by exploring forests and Savannah grasslands conducted by trained guides. The walks take place in the national parks or wild game reserves or communities neighboring the parks. Trails have bee....

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Bird Watching in Mgahinga

Mgahinga has lots of beautiful trails where you can wander around as you discover a checklist of over 180 species. 12 of these are among the 24 species endemic to the Albertine Rift mountains. This includes Rwenzori nightjar, Archer's robin-chat, Rwenzori turaco, Dusky crimsonwing and Rwenzori batis....

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Bird Watching in Bwindi

For birdwatching enthusiasts and nature photographers, a day in Bwindi is worth a week in paradise. It is that good considering that Bwindi is highly rated as one of the most ecologically diverse areas in the world. It has 350 recorded bird species, 20 of which come across as the most sought in Ugan....

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Gorilla Tracking for PWDs

Thanks to the creation of stretcher beds and sedan chairs supported by four handles, it is possible for Persons With Disabilities to track gorillas too. Upon these beds, you will be ferried into the forest by four able-bodied men. As you take in the beauty of the park, the ranger guide accompanying....

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