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Nature walks

This is a unique activity in Uganda. Here you get an opportunity to experience wilderness and wildlife by exploring forests and Savannah grasslands conducted by trained guides. The walks take place in the national parks or wild game reserves or communities neighboring the parks.

Trails have been created and routes are made where there is danger of encountering predators. The trained guides are sometimes armed but some will not be armed. The guides have a lot of knowledge on different aspects of wildlife, plants and birds. They are very familiar with the behavior of animals like the chimpanzees and gorilla trekking as well as bush walks like those at Lake Mburo Park.

Nature walks take place in communities neighboring the game parks in some eco tourist sites. The communities have trained guides from within. This creates work for them and improves livelihoods. It also provides an incentive to defend and protect important ecosystem on which they and tourism activities depend.

The participation of the community and tourists also minimizes the conflict between them and national parks which controls poaching and other illegal activities. Some guided nature walks are organized by local communities in some eco-tourist sites. They provide well trained local people as well. It’s an opportunity to exchange some interesting views and to support them. It’s one of the ways they can share from the benefits of tourism.

The Guided nature walks are integrated in most of itineraries. For specific interests in nature walks always mention it and we will plan an experience of a life time. A tourist buying of locally made crafts contribute directly to the well-being of the community and encourages them to support conservation.

Nature walks are a major component in the itineraries Travel House offers. The most popular nature walks include: Lake Mburo park ,Lake Bunyonyi – Kabale ,The Buhoma walk – Bwindi gorilla Park, The Maramagambo walk – at Queen Elizabeth park, The kasese walk along the foot of the Rwenzori mountain range, The Bogodi walk – a community project on the edge of Kibale national park, The kidepo nature walk , The top of the falls walk – Murchison falls park and The Mgahinga golden monkey walk