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Golden Monkey Tracking

Hiking through the forest to meet the one of the many habituated golden monkey groups is an incredible and soulful experience.These subtle primates are worth every level of difficulty you will endure during the bushwalk. Most groups have at least 30 members. They are full of character and very curious.

During your visit, you will interface monkeys of every size from the mega-huge alpha males to the smallest infants and everything in between. The one hour you will spend with them makes you quickly forget whatever the hike throws at you. You will feel welcome in their circles as you compare and contrast aspects that differentiate them from the other monkey species like blue monkeys and vervets.

Don’t worry, the AK47s rifles that the rangers here carry is for scaring off rebellous buffaloes that hang around the forest zone. In case any threatens to attack you, he will shoot in the air to spark a thunderous sound that leaves animals in a panic mode.