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Boat Canoeing on lake Mulehe

Our lodge overlooks, a crater lake with a stunning beauty that nature has been beautifying for over 10,000 years now for you to enjoy. During this sightseeing tour, you will indulge, recharge and renew your positive energy. Best of all, you will discover the lake's full beauty and its best kept secrets like thriving populations of Uganda's national emblem, the grey crown crested crane.

 It flows with freshwater from a river system that is fed by lakes atop the 8 volcanoes that beautifully dot the border of Rwanda, Uganda and Congo.

The lake owes its beauty to a warm friendly weather and geologic luck of the draw. When most guests look at it, their jaws drop in awe of how it showcases some of water’s most captivating qualities, from scenic ripples to crystalline clarity. One a sunny day, it beautifully reflects the beauty of the clear blue skies and the three hour-glass shaped mountains of Mgahinga National Park.

The dug out canoe in which you will ride is a traditional transport means that is unique to this South Western part of the country.