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Community & Village Walk

Cultural Walk: This will give u a chance to have a taste of the Ugandan lifestyle. You will meet with locals of many different generations and see the way of life in this developing country. The highlights of this cultural include visit to traditional healers or medicine man. A visit to homes for a demonstration of a variety of food making skills such as how bananas are used for a children’s drink, to make beer and also the local spirit. Get the chance to interact with the local community, they will show you how they incorporate every day activities into dance.

This sightseeing Village tour showcases how life unfolds in a typical Ugandan village. The highlight is experiencing ancient and new traditions that the Bafumbira tribe is embracing. This follows inter-tribal marriages with neighboring tribes such as Bakiga and Banyankole. Get ready to mingle with locals as you discover their rich cultural heritage. You will be amazed by how they build their houses using eco-friendly materials like larva ash. If time allows, you will visit their terrace farms and join in harvesting Irish potatoes using local tools.

Most of these subsistence farms you will come across lie upon gentle slopes of rolling hills. They feature lots of organic fruits especially bananas, pine apples and passion fruits. You are free to have as much as you want.

The guide who will lead this tour is full of life and passionate about the village. He and his family have lived in the area for decades. He draws on this background to provide a very personal walking tour during which he describes some of the characters he has encountered, some of which are famous, others not, the tour lasts about two hours.