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Gorilla Tracking in Bwindi

Bwindi, a UNESCO World Heritage site with the highest number of habituated Mountain Gorilla groups in the world. Lying at an elevation of 1,160m- 2607m above sea-level. It is an awe-inspiring, misty & lush tropical rain forest. It has lots of beautiful autumn colors due to its diversity of both montane vegetation and native trees.

Being a forest walk, the pursuit to most animals here entails trekking on well- maintained trails as opposed as opposed to having a game drive. This offers you a more intimate & personal ecounter with nature.

Bwindi is a truly extraordinary therapeutic and relaxing haven with 400 species of Plants and 350 species of birds inclusive of 23 Albertine endemics. However, what really draws most people here is its 120 mammals species, including gorillas, forest Elephants, baboons, chimpanzees and antelopes. There are 220 magnificent species of butterflies to see and admire, inclusive of those found nowhere else on earth like Graphium gudenusi, Charades fournierae and Papilio leutaenia. This, coupled with very pretty display of daisy flowers creates a scene that will effortlessly make your six senses excel.

Gazatted in 1991, Bwindi as per the 2010 census has over 440 gorilla individuals, a mix of both habituated gorillas that are open to tourists and those that are extremely wild and out of bounds for tourism. Considering there are less than 1,010 left in the world, this makes Bwindi home to over 40% of the world’s last surviving population of Mountain Gorillas. The rest live in Congo & Virunga National Park and Rwanda Volcanoes National Park. Simply put, no matter the time you visit Bwindi, you have a 90% chance of encountering the gorillas.

Better still, in case you do not register luck in finding them on the first day, you will have a second chance the next day free of charge. If you have difficulties in walking, the rangers will organize for you a visit to one of the families that love dwelling in the easily accessible lower part of the forest. Better still, you can hire a porter for $10 to carry your bag for the whole day as you trek. This not only makes your hike easier because you do not have anything weighing you down, it directly supports the local community and inspires them to protect gorillas from poachers.