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Batwa Tour

Prepare to spend half a day immersing in pure cultures and ancient ways of life of the Batwa, a forest tribe of pygmies. They lived in Mgahinga National Park for over three centuries, a time during which they became a part of the forest and it became a part of them. This came to an end in 1991 when Government evicted them from the park in an effort to conserve it's critically endangered mountain gorillas. During this tour, they will treat you to various survival adaptions they embraced while still residents in the forest--in an effort to outlive extinction.

You will be amazed by their energetic dances and hunting skills as complimented using handmade weapons like spears. They will teach you how they used to build traditional tree houses using eco-friendly materials. This was usually done with the intent of avoiding  beastly mammals that roamed the floor of the forest. Such include like forest buffaloes, mountain leopards and forest elephants.  

This isn't one of those tours where tourists just sit back. On the contrary, you will be engaged in everything. Your participation in making the local brew is much welcome. You are also free to join these cheerful hosts in harvesting fruits like wild berries. If you wish to know what goes on behind the scenes of back cloth making, they will wow with a demonstration that showcases the A-Z about this prestigious traditional cloth of Ugandan kingdoms.

At the end of the trail there’s a vantage point you can go to for sweeping panoramic views of kisoro's villages and rolling hills. It is within walking distance from Garama, a spacious underground cave that used to serve as a palace for the Batwa royal family.

All said, this is a family friendly experience. The kids will enjoy every minute of the day as they learnt about life in the prehistoric times. There are wide open spaces for them to run around in, and all very safe.