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Cycling Experience Tour

If you are looking for a great way to stay fit while on a gorilla tour in Uganda, this cycling tour is absolutely fulfilling. It takes place at village neighboring our lodge. There is a wide selection of routes to choose from, some befitting for leisurely rides, others offer an adventurous way for one to shade off some weight, you could burn up to 80 calories, the faster the pace, the more excessive calories you will lose. The two hour activity unfolds at a slow but steady pace along the shores of Lake Mulehe and murrum road snaking through the village. You will have extensive chats with locals along the way, this will give you a local understanding of many things.

The village bears the characteristics of many different historical eras--as reflected in the diverse architectural designs of its huts and homesteads. Our guide will happily weave these together with background stories either from personal experience or through the stories of the locals who lived in and helped shape this peaceful countryside. Along the way, you will have a stopover at one of the homes along the route--to sample local brew and learn about how it is made, you won't have trouble finding local markets full of locals.